About us. The Namibian White water rafting company. The idea started 10 years ago when like minded paddlers met at the Kunene River. The love for nature our wildlife and adventure was our guide. Our passion for rivers and the sense of exploring and discovering kept our ideas alive. Three paddlers, adventurers and explorers have decided to combine their sense of adventure and passion for our african rivers. The Namibian White water rafting company was born in December 2013.

We are passionate about african rivers. Conserving our rivers and having fun while doing so is our motto. Our team will share their knowledge, passion and sense of adventure with you. Experience the outdoors and escape into the wild. There is no better way than to feel the flow of the river and build excitement for the next rapid. It is not about racing , but rather understanding the river and its surroundings. The Richtersveld desert is a harsh an rugged environment. The orange river is the lifeline of this region like most rivers in the world.

Join our team for an ultimate escape into the wild experience. We rate this as the best outdoor rafting trail on the orange river. Our safari experience combined with our rafting experience makes us a unique mobile unit. We offer our scheduled trips, but love the unknown of private tailored expedition style adventures. Responsible, reliable and sustainable is what we are.

Explore our trips, trails and adventures and send us your ultimate experience request. We invite you to join our lifestyle of adventure. A combined experience of 40 years with a new level of energy is what we are offering our clients. Our adventure safaris will take you on routes less travelled. It is a combination of adventure, safari and discovering the local cultures of Namibia. A unique concept. Our routes will always lead to water.

Seeing that man consist of 2 parts water – say no more



Wentzel Mall

Wentzel Mall
Owner, Safari, River & Adventure Guide
Kayaker & Trip Leader

Wentzel started his paddling career on the Kunene River. He lead may an expedition down the mighty Kunene. HHe is an avid cyclists and adventure guide. Has extensive experience in guiding safaris and is a damaraland and Kaokoland specialist.

Hobbies: To try and tease Sas as much as he can, if not cycling, hiking, or camping in the wild.

E mail: wentzel@whitewaterrafting.com.na
Mobile Namibia: +264 + 81 287 4951

Sas Fick

Sas Fick

Freelnce , Safari and River Guide
Orange River Rafting & Kayaking Operations

Sas has been paddling and kayaking since 2004.  His passion for nature, the outdoors, adventure and life has been a huge asset to many a company.  Sas is our lead kayaking trail guide and he specialises in the Kalahari, Richtersveld, West coast and Orange River.

Hobbies: Hiking, fire dancing, teaching his dog kyla how to kayak and drive HP & Wentzel mad with all the stones, driftwood and recycled collections.

Hennie Prinsloo

Owner, River rafter, Safari Guide, Expedition leader

Hennie is a keen kayaker, safari guide and amateur photographer.
20 Years of experience in rafting and safaris adventures

E-mail:  hennie@whitewaterrafting.com.na
Mobile South Africa : +27 82 575 3844
Mobile Namibia : +264 + 81 866 3243