Kayaking a river with a group of friends and allowing yourself to escape into the wild. This is one of the greatest reasons why we offer kayaking trips. The Orange river is the perfect introduction to kayaking adventures. It allows for entry level kayakers to join a kayaking adventure. Moderate fitness is required. A sense of humour and sense of adventure is more important when planning a kayaking trail.

Choose your departure date. Select your friends and family and prepare to enjoy one of the best experiences known to man. A kayak adventure through the Richtersveld Transfrontier park. Paddling 215 km of river flowing through the only mountain desert in the Southern of Namibia.

The Namibian white water rafting company have chosen to only lead small group kayak adventures. We take a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 people per trip. You can join our existing schedule departure or make up your own priavte group. A minimum of 6 people will guarantee a private kayak trip down the orange river.

Feel the flow of the orange river and join this ultimate desert adventure. The mountainous region of the karas district and the Richtersveld allows for spectacular scenery. The river gives life to the arid desert. There is a surprisingly large number of indigenous succulents and birds in this area. We have sighted and listed over 180 species to date.

Our kayaking adventure will have one supply point and this will be close to the 75 km mark. We will get some fresh supplies and continue our remainder of the 215 km adventure. Careful planning is needed along with the minimum , but essential equipment will be needed.

Our team offers 6 scheduled departures every year. Make sure you book well in advance to ensure your seat on the best kayaking adventure available in Southern Namibia.

Kayaking Expedition Leader : sas@whitewaterrafting.com.na