Orange River Accommodation. We have chosen two venues or base camps along the orange river. These are miles apart and offer two completely different experiences. Our choice of orange river accommodation is The Growcery Camp and Norotshama River Resort. Our choice of orange river accommodation have been carefully selected. Our selection has been made to fit our routes and adventures. We have considered the service and comfort at both these camps. The meals and value for money was a great motivation for our choices made.

The Growcery Camp – South Africa / Richtersveld. 

Norotshama River Resort – Namibia / Transfrontier Richtersveld

Namibia white water rafting company offers scheduled river rafting and kayaking adventures on the orange river. Our scheduled kayaking trails will start from the growcery camp. Our scheduled 5 day transfrontier rafting adventures will start and end at the Norotshama River Resort.

Our kayaking trail is a set 215 km adventure and is a combination of the richtersveld community reserve and the transfrontier park. Our rafting adventures of 110 km is only a stretch through the Transfrontier Richtersveld park.

We have chosen these two properties as our preferred orange river accommodation. The two camps both have great locations, excellent views and fantastic facilities. The growcery is more a very comfortable bush camp with excellent facilities. Norotshama River resort is large lodge with luxury options. Both these orange river accommodation offers excellent service and great value for money. We can recommend both of these base camps on our trail.

Book your orange river accommodation with Namibia white water rafting company and receive a 20% discount voucher during your stay. Our tours will depart on set times and dates. You can select your accommodation and book in advance to ensure the level of comfort that you require during your stay.

The 20 % discount is applicable on accommodation only.