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White Water River rafting

White water river rafting is rated one of the best adventures in the world. This is a sport where inflatable rafts are used to explore rivers of the world. White water river rafting is graded and classified according to the difficulty of the river and the vessel that you use. You have from single man inflatable rafts to 12 man inflatable rafts. There is a choice to self propel or paddle or be paddled ” propelled’.

Namibia white water rafting company have selected three of the best rivers in africa. We have chosen the following rivers  for our rafting adventures. Kunene River, Orange River and the Zambezi River. The Orange River is the perfect entry level river for whitewater rafting. The gradient at which the river falls is on average 1 meter per 2 kilometers. This allows for a gradual fall. All the rapids can be scouted before entering and you always have an alternative option. Our team rates the orange river as the most suitable for ages from 5 years and up. The perfect family white water rafting and outdoor adventure.

The Kunene River. Located in the far north of Namibia and forms the border between Namibia and Angola. This is arguably the best white water river rafting in Namibia. The river is being supplied daily by a hydroelectric dam. The water rises daily with at least a meter of volume. The Kunene river is also seen as a pool drop river and all depending on the water levels is seen as a class 2-5 river. The river is suitable for a moderate level of experience and ages from 16 and up.

The Zambezi River is one of the best white water rafting rivers in the world. The stretch of river below the batoka gorge and the victoria falls. It is seen as one of the best rafting rivers due to the class 1 – 6 rapids. It has the most high class rapids in the shortest distance that is commercially rafted.

White water rafting is an exhilarating and adventure sport. It is recommended that you don’t attempt white water river rafting on your own. It is highly recommended to do this with trained professionals.


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